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We are delighted to showcase our new website at the start of 2021, after the challenging year of 2020

AJS Spalding are hopeful that this year will be a better one for the UK and, indeed, people across the world, with a vaccine on the horizon.

We’re still operating at full capacity from our base in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. We like where we’re based – predominantly rural, sandwiched between Peterborough, Lincoln, Boston and King’s Lynn, with places like Spalding and Wisbech close by. Big skies, dry climate and plenty of satisfied customers in our “catchment area”.

If you’re not familiar with the area, Holbeach is in the district of South Holland, and the comparisons with the Netherlands stretch beyond a name. The economy is predominantly agricultural and the soil and climate make it perfect for crop and bulb growing.

Another fact is that you travel to Great Yarmouth in neighbouring Norfolk, you’re closer to Amsterdam than London, as the crow flies.

Our flat fenland landscape is similar to that of the Low Countries, though we don’t speak Dutch locally

The other reason we excel in the fields of software automation, control panel design and manufacture is there is a concentration of food processing industries close by.

Manufacturing plants need installation, support and service of food manufacturing equipment; Kent is often regarded as the garden of England; though Lincolnshire is really the shopping basket or trolley of England.

You may be wondering too why Beach is part of the town’s name?

Let us explain.

The town used to be practically coastal.

In fact the sea lapped the shore just two miles from Holbeach until 1700 or so, when land drainage began in earnest. This massive engineering programme saw the coast (or marshes) retreat moving 14km away, leaving our base surrounded by 23,000 acres of reclaimed fertile land. Perfect for agriculture, bulb growing and the food industry.

If you’re coming from outside the area, please make sure you pick the correct Holbeach if you’re visiting our premises as there are variants:

Holbeach, Holbeach Bank, Holbeach Clough, Holbeach Drove, Holbeach Fen, Holbeach Hurn, Holbeach St Johns, Holbeach St Marks and Holbeach St Matthew.

The safest way of arriving to our base is to use the postcode on your sat nav and smartphone: PE12 8LY

You can also expect a flurry of news articles from us in the coming months on this slick website.

Make sure too, you connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where you’ll see status updates, events and newsworthy items.

We will also be adding bios and photos of the team soon too – so as they say in Dutch, Bekijk deze ruimte, or, locally, watch this space.