The objective of PUWER is to ensure that the provision and use of work equipment is safe throughout the lifetime of its use, regardless of its condition, age, or origin.

PUWER regulations require employers to:

  • Ensure all work equipment is maintained in good condition and efficient working order.
  • Keep an up-to-date maintenance log for each piece of work equipment.
  • Ensure that all people operating work equipment on-site are provided with adequate levels of training in the correct use of the equipment, as well as clear and detailed health and safety information.
  • Take all necessary measures to prevent or control any risks associated with the operation of work equipment.

If you are an employer and you provide equipment for use at work, or if you have control of the use of equipment, then this will apply to you.

Our PUWER inspectors can inspect your machinery against PUWER and provide a detailed report for each piece of work equipment. If any non-conformances are found, we would undertake a risk assessment to align with ISO 12100, which would detail suitable corrective requirements referencing the applicable standards.


Any workplace which contains machinery should undertake regular risk assessments to protect the employees and business from harm. Different types of machinery will comply with different UK Designated Standards and would require assessment against the applicable standards.

Our safety inspectors can carry out inspections and subsequent risk assessments to align with ISO 12100 and provide a detailed report for each piece of work equipment. The report will identify non-compliant issues for attention (e.g.  inadequate safety related control circuits, inadequate machine guarding or absence/validity of CE or UKCA marking) and offer corrective measures referencing the applicable standards.


Machinery safety is an important aspect of the upgrades we can carry out to existing equipment.

We can implement control measures for functional safety upgrades to align with ISO 13849 or IEC 62061. We can provide detailed validation reports and plans, with supporting calculations using the Sistema or PAScal tools. Onsite testing and inspection of these installed upgrades would also be supported by the relevant documentation, to ensure that the working machinery upgrades are compliant and safe.

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